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RDA-80-R Rim Drive Bike Trainer with Remote

MA147455 RDA-80-R Rim Drive Bike Trainer with Remote

RDA-80-R Rim Drive Bike Trainer with Remote
Minoura MA147455
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1.7 Pound Flywheel

MA147455 RDA-80-R Rim Drive Bike Trainer with Remote

MA147455 RDA-80-R Rim Drive Bike Trainer with Remote

RDA (Rim Drive Action) is our exclusive patented bike trainer system that drives the rear wheel by contacting rubber rollers to the rim side wall. It doesn't touch the tire at all, so there is no tire wear, no noise and no vibration caused by the tire tread pattern. RDA (Rim Drive Action) is completely different from those standard tire drive trainer. It touches the rim side wall where the brake shoes contact, so the roller doesn't touch the tire at all.
Therefore, any type of tire can be used on RDA comfortably. We can say you can use the wheel WITHOUT tire on RDA.
RDA is available from Minoura only.

The basic mechanism of RDA is pinching the rear wheel rim with a pair of rubber rollers from both right and left side. The resistance unit is driven by the left side via V-belt. The right side roller supports the rim from opposite side to avoid the damage to the wheel.
Each rubber roller is pushed toward the rim by the spring, so even if you pedal strong and the wheel position has moved sideward, both rollers will chase the rim automatically.
No need to worry about the damage on the rim. The rollers don't push so hard that the rim can stay in its healthy condition. And the material of the rubber roller is almost same to the standard brake shoe. TIP: Adjust the wheel position a little leftward to avoid slippage between the rubber roller and the rim.

Using on MTB
MTB riders want to do indoor training for building up muscles and increasing cardiopulmonary function to win the race.
However, MTB usually wears knobby tire and it will have to bring very loud noise on stationary tire drive trainer due to the terrible vibration, so people must replace the tire to a slick one or replace the whole rear wheel just for training. It's troublesome.

Using on Road
On Road bikes, one of the great benefits of RDA system – No touch tire – is ideal.
You can use RDA for warming-up and cooling-down at race event without worrying about shortening your expensive racing tire life.
RDA is ideal even for road bikes.

  • Resistance Adjustability 7 levels (D / R)
  • Flywheel Weight 0.8 kgs / 1.7 pounds
  • Adaptable Wheel Size 26 - 27-inch, 700c
  • Dimensions W 630 x D 460 x H 390 mm
  • Max Load 120 kgs / 264 pounds (including bike weight)
  • Warranty Period 1 year (Mag unit) / 5 years (Frame)

MA147455 RDA-80-R Rim Drive Bike Trainer with Remote INSTRUCTIONS: Click here to download INSTRUCTION MANUAL

Cautions -- Important Notices
* RDA is not compatible with the latest disc brake specialized rim such as Mavic CrossMax Disc that doesn't have 8 mm or wider vertical area on the rim side.
* You may feel some slippage when you pedal, but it is not a problem.
* The magnetic resistance unit will become very hot during workout. Do not touch the unit during and for 15 minutes after the session.
* Do not touch any spinning part like wheel or roller. To avoid any possible injury, keep children and pets away from the trainer.
* The couplings are specially designed to fit the supplied quick release skewer. We strongly recommend you to replace the skewer to the supplied one before using the trainer. We will not guarantee the stability if you use your own skewer on RDA80.
* Any bike with internal transmission type hub cannot be used.
* Hub nut type bikes can fit RDA80.

Our Price: $239.50
MSRP $279.99
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